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Booking Direct Booking Engine

Price Comparison Tool

Our price comparison tool allows your customers to compare the rates from different service providers so they get the best price possible; generating trust between your customers and your brand.

Social Media Integration

Using your social platforms, our booking engine integrates with information about your customers – so that they get easy, personalized service. Additionally, customers will be able to easily login using their personal social account during checkout, using either Facebook or Google Plus.

Multiple language

Our booking engine can be designed to your needs in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish and German.

Multiple currency

All major currencies are supported, meaning you can price your services in the appropriate currency of the visitor’s home country. Currency signs will be uniquely generated depending on the user’s location.

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Efficiency level

With Google Map Integration, and the ability to implement for a single hotel or a group of hotels, your potential customers will be more likely to stay on the page – rather than looking for other alternatives.

Time savings

With the in-built Multiple Channel Manager your booking engine will have two way integrations with Rate Tiger, RateGain, SiteMinder, EZYield, AvailPro, Parity Rate, Cubilis, and XYZT. Your customers will be able to modify, review and cancel their bookings with ease – making for a fast, frustration-free experience.

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