Booking Direct is fully customisable end to end, seamlessly integrating with the rest of your website. With a redirection-free UX, it maintains brand consistency beautifully, from search through to booking and beyond.

Mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. Whatever the size and resolution of the screen, the superior quality of Booking Direct’s UX is uncompromised, with an easily navigable, visually pleasing platform that instantly adapts to the viewer environment.

Reassure your customers that direct is best, and challenge the common assumption that OTAs return better rates than hotel brand websites. With Price Check installed, our innovative tool that compares live OTA rates with your direct rate in a customisable widget beside your booking engine, you’ll soon be reducing your reliance on the OTAs and saving the commission that comes with it. Your customers will be saving time, too, in avoiding the tedious task of shopping around for the best rates.

Booking Engine

Make it easy for non-English speakers to book with you. Booking Direct offers multiple language options – and shows rates in multiple currencies, giving international guests all the more reason to stay – and spend – with you.

Using your social media platforms to learn more about your customers means they’ll enjoy better, more personalised service throughout the booking process. They can also opt to check out using a Facebook or Google Plus profile, with multiple payment card details saved. A quicker, more personal check out process – plus the option to post the reservation on Facebook.

Display anything from a week’s worth to a year’s worth of live inventory with clear and intuitive calendar view format. Ideal for extended stay guests and serviced apartment providers, it makes trip planning in advance quick and easy, and reduces the risk of booking abandonment.

Travel Agent

Travel Agent / Corporate Mode

Solution which suits your needs

Make it easy for agents and corporates to put high value business your way. Unique logins display personalised welcome messages, and searches automatically return pre-negotiated corporate or agent rates. Booking Direct also includes invoicing functionality giving agents and corporates the option to purchase inventory on credit.

Advanced Reporting

Analytics Engine at your finger tips.

Your bespoke booking engine is backed by best-in-class analytics, helping you understand buyer behaviour better and equipping you with the insight to improve both user experience and conversion still further. With our easy-to-use extranet dashboard, you can access intelligence at-a-glance, at any time, with everything from average session duration to average basket value in a given time period. User behaviour flow, demographic data and, of course, conversion tracking, all help you to identify and act on the behavioural patterns that matter for your business. And needless to say, we’ll provide full support every step of the way.

Advanced Reporting

PCI Compliance


With security at its core.

Reassure your customers that they can book with peace of mind. All our booking engines are fully SSL and PCI compliant, for credit card delivery and acceptance.


Improve your Brand presence

Maintain a seamless brand experience end to end, with a booking engine that’s just as on-brand as the rest of your website. Booking Direct is redirection-free, so there’s no break in your brand’s visual identity during the booking process. It looks and feels like your booking engine, because it is your booking engine. Customisation begins at URL structure, and continues through theme customisation, to incorporation of brand language. Inspire trust and reduce the risk of purchase abandonment with a bespoke booking platform that’s recognisably yours.

Be an everywhere brand

Want to know more?

Dynamic rate management


Rates and Inventory at your finger tips.

Manage complex rate plans with ease with brilliantly flexible back end functionality. Dynamic packages, promotional rates and special offers can be turned on or off in the back end with rate codes, and you can manipulate depending on length of stay, check-in date and room type. Dynamic rate management also features corresponding imagery.


Enhance and Upsell

Increase incremental revenue with persuasive prompting and intelligent UX design. Generate higher value bookings by adding more room and upgrade options in the check-out area, together with intuitive finishing touches to enhance a stay still further, from fresh flowers in the room on arrival to chocolates and champagne for special occasions.

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Enjoy Your Stay

Room Substitute

Room Substitute

Show availability always

with Booking direct’s booking engine you can configure rules to substitute your fast depleting room types with next relevant ones, thus achieving max availability and retaining each and every guests.

Payment Gateway

Realise the revenue upon confirmation

Payment gateway integration makes sure that credit card details are always legitimate and you realise your revenue much quicker.

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Payment Gateway