Mobile Solutions

With the number of smartphone users globally surpassing 2 billion in 2016 – and predicted to increase to a third of the world’s population by 2018, it’s reassuring to know you’re partnering with the master of mobile solutions for the hospitality industry.

We have many ways of making mobile work harder for you – and achieve measurable ROI. From bespoke app design to mobile first websites, we help you harness the potential of the smartphone to grow mobile bookings as well as incremental revenue from hotel services such as spas and restaurants. You’ll also boost brand awareness and build brand loyalty, while benefitting from insightful, real-time reporting.

Mobile Apps

No longer a nice-to-have, a mobile app is a must-have for even the smallest of hotels. After all, there’s an app out there for just about everything else. Apps are important because they are different from websites – even mobile websites. They offer a level of engagement that websites can’t, bringing your brand to life in the palm of your customers’ hands.

In the battleground between price-led OTAs and experience-led brand websites, it’s often the brand website that loses out, so it’s entirely possible for a new customer to know nothing about your brand until they’ve checked in. Apps change all this by reinforcing your brand positioning, encouraging brand loyalty, and optimising own-channel revenue. You’ll also appear current and customer-focused to your guests. We design and develop apps that create an additional mobile booking channel, while helping you to showcase facilities, promote packages, upsell amenities and even offer personalised local experiences. It’s an opportunity for a more immersive brand experience – and an additional revenue channel – that’s too good to miss.

Mobile Apps